Stefan Lindfors – Designer and Artist

Dear all of you having an interest in my endeavours,

If you want to know about my recent and upcoming projects, please call Sebastian direct or send an email. Otherwise read through my résumé or visit the site. Anyway – we’re here!


Stefan Lindfors, January 2019

Phone: Sebastian Fuhrmann +358 45 151 0060

Stefan Lindfors portrait photo

Stefan Lindfors, Jan 2019. Photo: © Niklas Hallman

Please Note: Regarding Stefan Lindfors’ works & projects, publications & press before 2010: Please dig into our website created as an homage to Lindfors’ 25 years’ Artist Anniversary, 1985–2010. “Stefan Lindfors Works” was released on February 4, 2010, and anything and everything worth documenting – all the way up till the end of 2009 – is there.

Thanks again!
Stefan Lindfors, April 2018